Why A Hydraulic Elevator Is The Popular Choice Among Homeowners

December 28th, 2014

Residential elevators are a luxury item for some people while a necessity for others. Today home elevators are helping to make it possible for individuals with mobility issues to live in multi-story homes. Although the inner workings of a home elevator are relatively the same, the cab itself comes in a variety of designs and styles to meet every homeowners tastes and needs. Even more importantly, home elevators can be installed in existing homes rather than only during construction. Because of the growing popularity of home elevators, some builders are including a provision for adding an elevator to the home at some point in the future.

Hydraulic Elevators are perfect for low rise buildings making it the ideal choice for a home elevator. The hydraulic elevator utilizes a machine room to house the drive mechanisms. But most people are surprised to find that you don't need a large amount of space for the machine room and installing a home elevator is relatively easy and fast.

The hydraulic elevator is the most popular choice for homeowners because of the low cost to build, install and maintain. But an even greater reason for its popularity is the better safety record of the hydraulic elevator as compared to the electric elevator. This is especially true in earthquake prone areas. In 2001 the earthquake in Seattle caused damage to only 1% of hydraulic elevators compared to 11% of electric elevators. For more information about servicing and safety of hydraulic elevators click here.

As you begin to learn more about the different types of home elevators available it is important to consider the cost and safety of each. Use our Home elevator calculator to learn find out the cost of installing an elevator in your home. Home Elevator Calculator

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