An Affordable REMI Residential Home Elevator is Just a Click Away.

REMI residential home elevators utilizes the convenience of the internet to make our residential home elevators available to you.  Price our house elevators by simply filling out the build and price page of our website, you can order a high quality house elevator built to your specifications online at an affordable price.  With over 40 years of combined home elevator experience in the commerical and residential elevator industries we have built a nationwide network of Certified Installation Companies (CIC) who can install your REMI residential home elevator.

Make Your Existing Home More Accessible, For Less Cost

A REMI residential home elevator can be installed in your existing home for little more than the closing cost on a new home.  Homeowners who need more accessibility can avoid costly real estate commissions along with moving expenses associated with purchasing a new more "accessible" home.

REMI residential home elevators start at $13,495.

Faster Turnaround, Less Risk

While many home elevator companies require as much as a 50% deposit up to 8 months before installation, REMI home elevator requires a very small deposit on your residential home elevator.  Our elevators are typically manufactured and shipped to your home in two weeks.  And with the guidance of our Sales and Technical Specialists (STS), we can ensure that you are ordering the right residential home elevator to meet your home elevator needs while avoiding the risk and cost of installation mistakes.  REMI offers consumers up to a 3 year extended warranty (most residential elevators only offer up to 1 year of warranty coverage). To learn more about the installation process of our residential home elevators, view our installation animations.

Direct From the Manufacturer

REMI manufacturers the highest quality residential home elevators.  The only requirement is that you have your REMI elevator installed by one of our Certified Installation Companies.

Leading Manufacturer of Residential Home Elevators